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Architecture: the next Generation


Talk on architecture from Taylor Jones

Rails Architecture

Architecture is the root of quite a bit of technical debt.

History of Application Architecture

Early web development

  • License driven
  • Difficult to deploy
  • Inconsistent code organization

Rails market change

  • Open Source
  • More straightforward to deploy
  • Convention over configuration

How Has Rails Evolved?

  • Based on existing project (basecamp)
  • MERB released, focused on speed, flexibility, and resulted in Rails 3
  • 4.0 broke out Active libraries into separate gems
  • 5.0 integrated web sockets and API specific apps

"What killed smalltalk was that it was easy to make a mess" - Uncle Bob

Living in Between Microservices and Monoliths

  • Microservices that allows for a master component to manage them
  • In a sense, Rails is a blended ecosystem

Important Notes

  • Don't jump on shiny new things, being skeptical is important
  • Find a balance and use the right tool for the right job
  • Architecture needs to fit the team size
  • Address technical debt consistently

"Architecture can be an escape hatch" - Taylor Jones

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